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PDO Gold Cannula Cog for Face lifting

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  • MaterialPDO thread, Blunt Needle
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  • South Korea South Korea
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PDO Gold Cannula Cog

360 Degree PDO Cold Screw cog
PDO Gold Cannula has Stronger Lifting and fixation effect
The First & the only trinity PDO lifting in the world





│ Description │

Needle: 19G 100mm Thread 1-0, 150mm (W-type Blunt Needle)

              21G  90mm  Thread 2-0, 150mm (L-type Blunt Needle)


 Blunt Needle
 * Package : 20pcs/pack, 100pcs/box


│ Function │

Gold traditionally used in whole world for its medicinal effect. Gold has effect that absorb and eliminate toxin, assist skin`s ion fluency and nutrient absorption. Through these effects, gold threads catalyze collagen regeneration; make skin care effect such as whitening. Traditional gold thread was totally made by gold which was not absorbable, therefore there were lots of effects happened while the non-absorbable gold thread remains in skin. However, gold coated PDO thread will be absorbed after about one year; therefore it can achieve the dramatic cosmetic effect of gold composition and also has no side effects at all.

Trinity PDO Gold Lifting is operation concept that can obtain lifting, whitening and tightening three effects at once. In this concept, PDO Gold Cannula Cog is the world`s first Gold-Coated Cog PDO thread. Through this concept, we can get surgical effect and aesthetic effect at once with only one product.

│ Specification │

* Bidirectional cogs and gold coated on surface of PDO Thread.
* Cogs are 360° Screwed on PDO thread
* PDO Gold Cannula has Powerful Lifting&Tightening&Whitening effect.
* PDO Gold Cannula has Dramatical lifting effect for SMAS & deep fat layer.
* PDO Gold Cannula has Powerful tightening effect.


│ Certification │ 


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Super Luxury Gold Screw Cog

PDO Gold Cannula Cog for Face lifting

PDO Gold Cannula Cog for Face lifting

PDO Gold Cannula Cog for Face lifting

PDO Gold Cannula Cog for Face lifting

PDO Gold Cannula Cog for Face lifting